Outdoor Tvs

Betsy Weaver | 09/30/14

We have several outdoor weather resistant televisions on the decks of boats and mounted outside motor homes.

Andy Stvil | 09/28/14

You can order an outdoor tv lift so you can keep your television outside, hidden from view. Whether you need a 22 inch LED tv to fit in a tight space or a 70 inch LED tv that's big enough for everyone to see, we have outdoor televisions in many different sizes.

Edward Rhodes | 09/28/14

We are experts in modifying name brand televisions making them the best outdoor tv you'll ever watch. Plasma televisions have been replaced by newer technology of the LED HGTV.

Cortney Smith | 09/27/14

Our modified televisions are made to be watched with their enhanced picture quality. You may have seen our outdoor water resistant televisions in sports bars, restaurants or resorts in your area.

Eva Guthierrez | 09/27/14

You can watch our outdoor televisions outside on your patio, even in the snow or rain.

Bruce Wertman | 09/25/14

Watching tv outside is fun for the whole family.

Carol Tomandl | 09/24/14

Instead of building televisions, we depend on the most impressive companies like Sony, Samsung and Vizio to build the best models. Our outdoor television is designed to resist downward rain.

Brian Wills | 09/22/14

If you like Samsung tvs, you'll love how we weatherize them to be able to take them out in your yard and watch them.

Alicia Carter | 09/22/14

You will find outdoor televisions that are less expensive than you might think.

Christy Matus | 09/21/14

If you've ever been to the San Diego Zoo or Seaworld, you've seen our outdoor televisions on display.

Beth Busch | 09/20/14

Flat screen tvs are made to be hung on the wall, inside or outside.

Dawn Owens | 09/20/14

We have hdtv televisions that have been altered to be able to be used outside in all types of weather. Our outdoor LCD tvs are installed in backyards all over the world.

Anne Subotich | 09/18/14

Our outdoor tv has enhanced brightness and contrast so you can see it outdoors in the sunlight.

Daniel Dockstader | 09/17/14

If you have the latest high tech indoor tv, we can show you the latest outdoor tv for your patio.

Beverly Galloway | 09/15/14

LED technology gives you a tv that has a cooler back light and is brighter to give you a better picture in the sunlight.

Gloria Bowman | 09/13/14

An all weather tv is not waterproof, but it is weather resistant. We are not builders of outdoor televisions, we modify brand name televisions to be watched outdoors.

Alison Gilmore | 09/11/14

Many casinos and riverboat casinos have our outdoor televisions on their outdoor patios.

Glenda Noblitt | 09/09/14

We take major brand of the latest televisions and modify them to be able to be seen in bright sunlight.

Diana Skelton | 09/09/14

There is a special procedure the use to make brand name flat screen television able to be viewed in your backyard.

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